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WordPress – redirect to “thank you” page after submitting contact form

Contact form plugin used – Contact Form-7 

If you wish to re-direct to a confirmation/thank you page after submitting the contact form, follow the below steps:

1)Go to Contact from the dashboard menu

2) Scroll down to ‘Messages’ section, here , under the ‘Sender’s message was sent successfully’ you will see the current message displayed on submitting a form successfully, what you need to do is, delete entire text from there.


3) Scroll down further to ‘Additional Settings’ section, and add this piece of code there, this is the link of the page to which redirection has to be done.
on_sent_ok: "location = '';"

4)Save the contact form and now you will be redirected to a new page on successful submission.


Customizing post permalinks – WordPress

We can give custom structure for our posts.

Go to [Settings -> Permalinks]


In the custom structure, You can specify the structure u want to follow.

My default structure was – and i  want my posts to be in a customized manner, prefixing /blog/. Now customized post structure looks like –

If you are using any custom content types for posts, then the there is a chance  of permalinks getting broken as this customized structure affects to all posts type, so to handle this scenario, we need to add this piece of code to the register_post_type method,

'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'custom-post-name', 'with_front' => FALSE)

Not yet completed, we then need to got to [Settings -> Permalinks] and click on save, then only the change will reflect. 🙂

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